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Sponsor Support

To become a sponsor, please contact our treasurer at emsbandtreasurer@gmail.com.

The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band would like to give your company an opportunity to form a Music Education Partnership with us.

Math and science are the big talking and testing points in education these days, but human resource experts believe to truly succeed in today`s global economy, tomorrow`s workers benefit most from studying and participating in the arts.

How Music Education Builds the Skills and Business Values:

  • What musicians lack in business experience, they make up for in creativity.

  • Students of music bring creativity to product design and marketing.

  • Study of music helps students to think and work across traditional disciplines They learn to integrate knowledge and to ”think outside the box.”

  • A music education teaches students how to work together.

  • A music education builds an understanding of diversity and the multi-cultural dimenshions of our work.

  • A music education contributes to areas that are important to the future of all Floridians.

  • Consequently in a global world, studying music is participating in a global behavior conducted through universally accepted practices.

The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band requires from $15,000 to $20,000 in annual operating expenses. In addition to purchasing an instrument, buying a uniform, providing entry fees, paying accompanists, and paying for trips, the parents bear the burden of most of that cost.

The EMS Band program is continuing to grow and has been highly successful over the last decade in local, state, and national competitions and festivals. The band is increasingly being invited to perform at these and a variety of other types of events.

Every successful band program needs money. The more successful, the more money needed for continued success.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider becoming and EMS Music Education Partner. Your partnership will be recognized in the following way:

Maestro Conductor Director
$5000 Donation


$3000 Donation


$1000 Donation

Mustang Level plus your business/name on the EMS Mustang Band trailer.

Mustang Gold Blue
$500 Donation

Gold Level plus a link to your web site on this web site.

$250 Donation

Business card ad in all High School and Middle School Programs.

$100 Donation

Name recognition in all High School and Middle School Programs.

Thank you,

Gerry Ricke, Director of Bands

We love our Sponsors!
Car Doctor - Automotive Specialist
The Brian Clemens Family & Grandma Mary Ann
Eustis Middle School    

Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA)